Soccer Goalie Battle:
Goalie Battle!

This easy, competitive soccer goalie battle makes a fun way to develop catching ability as well as positioning. Encourage the goalie to throw the ball in the correct method.

Soccer Goalie Battle

- Set up 2 goals roughly 7-10 yards wide for goalie battle.
- The goals should be roughly 15 yards facing each other.
- 1 goalie in each goal.

- Goalie throws ball towards opposite goal trying to score.
- Opposite goalie attempts to make save.
- Goalies take turns trying to score.
- If doing with team at younger age, this can be set up in a kings court format whereby winning goalie moves up a grid to face different goalie.

- Throw should be one hand overhand, or rolled underhand.
- Saves should be using proper goalie technique.
- Remember, encourage successes!

- Widen goal or shorten distance to increase difficulty.
- Allow goalie to shoot with their feet (preferably at 20-25 yards).

Total time estimated:
- 10 minutes.

Good luck!

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