Soccer Goalie Slide Save

In this soccer goalkeeping drill, the skill focussed on is the goalie slide. This drill incorporates quickness, agility, and awareness.

- To work on goalie slide saves, all you need is 1 soccer ball.
- Have your goalie stand 10 yards in front of you (or can be done with a 2nd goalie) with you holding the ball in your hands.

- You throw the ball to one side, and the goalie must make a save falling to the right or left side.
- The goalie throws the ball back to you from the ground, then gets to his/her feet as quick as possible.
- You slowly roll the ball to one side of the goalie.
- Your goalie must charge the ball and slide to control the ball.
- Goalie jogs back to the starting point, repeat 10 times, rest, repeat.

- Goalie should try to get to their feet and to the rolling ball as quick as possible, working on quickness, awareness, and technique.
- The initial save should be done with proper technique, using the ball to brace to impact upon catching it as they dive to the ground.
- Remember, encourage successes!

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Total time estimated:
- 5-7 minutes for these goalie slides.

Good luck!

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