Soccer Goalie Warm-up Drills

Can be used for training or during a warm-up for a game, as it's just as important as having your players warm up.

This goalie warm-up is made up of a few short, quick exercises. Here is the list with a brief explanation:

1 - Sit Up Touch

- Goalie sits on the ground in a sit-up type position. You stand near their feet with a ball.
- Throw ball slightly above goalie's head, goalie reaches up and gently lays backwards to the ground.
- As goalie sits back up he/she throws ball back to you, and repeat 10-15 times.
- If you have 2 goalies, have them both sit on the ground facing each other and proceed as explained above, or simply take turns one standing.

2 - Sideways Catch

- Goalie starts in up sit up type position. You stand near their feet with a ball.
- Gently toss the ball to one side, and goalie reaches catching the ball as they mimic a diving save by falling to one side.
- Ensure proper form is used for the save (hands correct, leg in air bent slightly, ball should cushion the fall).
- Goalie pushes self up to starting position while doing so should throw ball back to you, alternate side to side 10-15 times each.
- This focuses on the fundamentals of a diving save.

3 - Soft Hands

- Goalie stands up facing you, approximately 5-7 yards apart.
- You throw the ball gently, gradually increase the toss, at various areas around their chest, and they throw back on each save.
- This focuses on getting their hands comfortable on the ball, repeat 20-25 times.

4 - Hard Hands

- Same as #3, but throw harder to their hands increasing the difficulty.
- Have them read the ball off your foot by gently volleying the ball at them, gradually increase the kick.
- Repeat 20-25 times.

5 - Crosses and Shots

- Have a player cross the ball in from a wide position or corner, and have your goalie jump and catch the crosses.
- Have your attacking players perform a shooting drill for game like shot situations for your goalie.
- Repeat 15-20 for crosses, and 25+ shots.

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