Soccer Handball

Handball is a fun way for any youth soccer team to learn some important areas of the beautiful game, but in a unique low pressure environment.

Soccer handball

- For handball, set up your field as you would a regular scrimmage, base the size on how many players you have at your soccer practice.
- Set up 2 teams, but do not use goalies but do use a marked goal to score into for each side.
- This is designed for your team to work on communication, ball support, teamwork, team defending, passing and moving, and many other key ingredients in soccer.

- The ball is moved around the field by all players using their hands.
- Upon catching a ball, that player can take 1 step (like basketball after picking up your dribble) to pivot and must pass the ball to a teammate using their hands.
- If the ball is intercepted, the team catching it then moves up the field.
- If the ball is dropped on a pass that is a turnover to the defending team at the spot of the drop.
- To score, the final pass must be headed into the goal to score.

- Choose 1-2 focuses for your team for this specific drill. Do not try to coach every aspect. As with any training session there should be 1 key focus you want your team to improve on by the end of training.
- Stop at every opportunity to coach, and demonstrate of your key focus.
- Remember to stop, coach and demonstrate successes as well!

- You can use an end zone versus using a goal for the final point, so player only needs to catch it inside for a point.
- Add a 2nd ball to the game to work on team awareness and communication.
- Mark a center line, and prior to a goal counting, all of the attacking team must be in the attacking half to encourage team mobility and support.

Total time estimated:
- 10-15 minutes for this soccer handball game.

Good luck!

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