Soccer Head Catch Game
(for ages 14 and up)

Coach this fun game with your team. Head catch is an easy and fun way to end a practice, just avoid doing with younger players that shouldn't be heading a ball yet. Mainly for 14 and up.

Soccer head catch game

- Head catch is easy to set up! You stand in the middle of a circle of players.
- You need a ball in your hands, the lighter ball the better.
- Have the players only a few steps away, roughly 5 yards.

- Throw the ball to a player and call either "head" or "catch" with ball in the air. That player must do what you called, head the ball back to you or catch it and throw it back.
- Proceed in order around the circle.
- If a player gets it incorrect, they sit down and are eliminated for the round.

- Primarily just a fun way to end a training session, the less time you give the players the more it works on their reaction time.

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Total time estimated:
- 5 minutes for this soccer head catch game.

Good luck!

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