Soccer In and Out Team Warm-up Drill

Warm up your players with this drill by having your team sprint in and out in an organized circle. Players enjoy this and it ensures you can monitor all of your players properly warming up as a group.

Soccer In & Out warm-up drill

- This fun interactive in and out team warm up, have your players set up in a circle around you in the middle, roughly 10-15 yards away from you.

- Players "home position" is the initial circle and always jogging on the spot.
- If you call in, players sprint into roughly 1-2 yards from you, then back peddle quickly to the home position jogging on the spot.
- If you call out, players turn and sprint away from you until you call "back" and they sprint back into the home position circle.

- Ensure players don't stand flat footed at any time, always on their toes!
- Players should have a good sweat after this warm up.

- Can mix up the calls, for example: sit ups, push ups, jump up, knees up at home position, sprint right or left maintaining the circle shape.

Total time estimated:
- 5-7 minutes

Good luck!

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