Soccer Juggling:
Just you and a wall

Here is a great way to improve your soccer juggling ability, and can be done almost anywhere. Take your boots and ball to the nearest wall you have access to (and are allowed) and set yourself up.

- This soccer juggling just requires 1 player, 1 ball, and a wall.
- Stand roughly 1-3 yards away from the wall.

- Using the wall drastically increases the difficulty of juggling and throws an added dimension into juggling.
- Alternate playing a ball off the wall back and forth.

- Use all parts of foot as well as your thigh and chest.
- Keep going as long as you can keep the ball in the air.
- Stay on your toes at all times.
- Keep good balance at all times.
- This skill works on using proper touch, weight, balance as you work to keep the ball going in a controlled manner.

- Increase until you can do this 1 touch alternating against the wall.

Total time estimated:
- The more practice the better for wall juggling.

Good luck!

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