Soccer keep away Drill

To improve your team's passing skills in soccer, keep away is a good basic drill to help them understand the fundamentals. This is one of the most popular drills to do to introduce your main focus for team passing and possesion.

Soccer 4v1 keep away drill

- To set up your soccer keep away 4 v 1 drill, create square grids 10 x 10 yards.
- 4 players on outside, 1 between each set of cones per side, and 1 defender in the middle.
- As with every drill, demonstrate how you expect the drill to look like to your team.

- 4 players pass the ball keeping the ball from the middle defender.
- Change defender every 60 seconds.
- 4 players must stay on their line, not going outside or inside the square.
- Give defender 1 point for however many times defender wins the ball, or errand pass is made during each 60 second interval.

- 4 outside players must always be on their toes for quick movements.
- 4 outside players should sprint to provide best angle possible for player with the ball, ideally players should be almost at the cone nearest the player with the ball.
- Players should make crisp, accurate passes along the ground at all times, allowing the recipient the best chance for success that way.
- Once 5 minutes is up, 4 of 5 defenders with lowest total of points do a quick "punishment" like knees to chest, push ups, sit ups, etc.- Remember, encourage successes!

- Reduce size of grid to increase difficulty.
- Reduce to a 3 v 1 to increase difficulty and movement.
- Limit players to 2 or 1 touch, or have them alternate. If previous player took 2 you must take 1, then 2, then 1, and so on.
- This is a great initial drill to progress into several other passing drills.

Total time estimated:
- 5-7 minutes for this soccer keep away drill.

Good luck!

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