Soccer Keeper Drill:
Quick feet!

A great soccer keeper drill for your goalie with this hard working drill. Quick recovery and positioning is important to have success in this.

Soccer Keeper Drill

- Set this keeper drill up with 2 shooters roughly 15-20 yards on either side of a goal, 1 goalie in goal.

- Outer players take turns shooting as the goalie must quickly recover to their feet, turn and prepare for the next shot.
- After a save goalie should throw ball back to shooter (have extra balls ready).
- This should be very tiring for the goalie so 60 seconds should be enough.
- Allow a 45-60 second recovery and repeat, or rotate through another goalie.

- Goalie should be well balanced and prepared for every shot.
- Goalie must recover as quick as possible, turn and be ready for next shot.
- Shots should be varied.
- Remember, encourage successes!

- The quicker the shots are alternated the harder work for the goalie.

Total time estimated:
- 5-10 minutes for this soccer keeper drill.

Good luck!

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