Fun Kids Soccer Game

Players must protect their castle from others! Castles have 3 players on the team, and 3 soccer balls start at each one. One at a time they send out a player to steal balls from other teams, and the fun begins...

Soccer Kids Castle Game

- Set castles up with a grid 25 by 25 yards, and mark a 1 yard area at each corner.
- Place 3 balls in each corner, and assign 3 players to each team.

- On "GO" 1 player from each team runs to steal a ball from any other team and bring back to their home base.
- Players can pick the ball up and carry it with their hands.
- Keep the intervals short to allow all kids to be constantly involved and excited.
- Team with the most when you yell "STOP" wins.

- Players at the home base cannot block the balls in any way, they must stand behind slightly off the field.
- Once you yell "SWITCH" players drop any ball they have where it is, and must return to their home area. A different player now begins collecting.
- Players cannot take a ball that another player is currently carrying.
- Encourage players to cheer on their teammates!
- Remember, encourage fun and fair play!

- Allow 2 players to go at a time.
- Have players dribble the ball with their feet only.

Total time estimated:
- 10 minutes for these castle-protecting kids.

Good luck!

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