Soccer Line Touches Warm-up Drill

This simple soccer warm up is where 2 line touches the ball back and forth quickly to get their touch on the ball and bodies warming up before training or a game.

Soccer passing warm-up drill

A quick and crisp line touches soccer drill

- Set up your team in 2 lines to get their line touches on the ball (4-5 per line max) - 1 ball only needed.

- Players use 2 touch to pass to line facing them, then quickly jog to the end of the line to which they passed the ball.

- Players should all be on their toes ready for the pass.
- Passes should be crisp and accurate.
- Players should be calling for the pass, and to whom they are passing to.
- 1st touch should get the ball out of their feet and 2nd should be the crisp pass.
- Remember, encourage successes!

- Have players use 1 touch only.
- Have 1 line pick the ball up, and throw underhand and player volleys the ball back to other line. After each throw/volley players still run to opposite line.
- Have players use their thigh to bring ball to ground and pass back along the ground.
- Have players use their chest to bring the ball down and pass back to other line.
- Place a cone 5 yards on either side of the central point between the 2 lines. To run to the line opposite players must run outside of the cone to their right.

Total time estimated:
- 5-7 minutes for this line touches warm-up drill.

Good luck!

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