Have fun with Passing Tag Soccer Drill

Teach how to move off the ball with passing tag! A soccer version of the typical kids game, players are not able to be tagged with the ball, but must pass to save teammates.

Soccer Follow Your Pass warm-up drill

- Simple to set up, passing tag just needs a large grid and low ball to player ratio.
- Designate 2 players to be the defenders/taggers.

- Attackers move around the grid looking for open space away from defenders.
- Taggers cannot tag a player dribbling a soccer ball.
- Players must communicate and pass the balls to save teammates.
- Switch defenders after 60-90 seconds.

- Attackers should constantly be moving and looking for open space away from defenders.
- Attackers should avoid being bunched up, coach good spacing while staying away from defenders.
- Communication is a key to success.
- Count how many players get tagged, and see which group of 2 does best.

- Reduce soccer balls.
- Add a defender.
- Limit attackers to 2 touch.

Total time estimated:
- 7-10 minutes for this soccer passing tag drill.

Good luck!

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