Soccer Passing Warm-up Drill

This easy passing warm up is a great soccer exercise for your team. Have players in groups of 2 with a ball between them to begin.

Soccer passing warm-up drill

- Have groups of 2 for this passing warm up, with 1 ball per group of 2.
- Players with a ball line up on one sideline, with partner 5 yards away.

- Player A jogs forward while player B jogs backwards across the field.
- While the players jog across, player A passes to B, who passes it back to A, continuing until they reach the other sideline.
- Roles reverse as players continue back across the field.

- Passes should alternate to right foot and left foot.
- Players should try to do using only 1 touch, but 2 if necessary to improve quality.
- Focus on quality over speed, it is not a race.
- Remember, encourage successes!

- Throw ball to thigh, control and volley back to partne.
- Throw ball to chest, control and volley back to partner.
- Throw ball to head, head back to partner.

Total time estimated:
- 5-7 minutes for this ball passing warm-up drill.

Good luck!

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