Soccer Team Possession Drill
Try 8v4 Keep Away

Are your team's soccer possession skills perfect? No team is, but this popular team keep away drill can be a regular at your soccer practice.

Soccer Team 8x4 Possession Drill

- For this 8 v 4 team soccer possession drill, set up a large grid 30 by 45 yards.
- Set up 3 teams of 4, and give them each a different color of pinny to wear.

- Choose 1 team to defend, while the other 2 possess the ball working together, creating the 8 v 4 aspect.
- The defenders must get 3 points to switch out, a point is achieved by gaining possession, OR the attackers playing a ball outside of the grid.
- If offense does not give the ball up 3 times after 3 minutes, switch the teams.

- Attackers should be constantly moving into open space and better angles.
- Attackers should be spread all throughout the grid, and communicating together.
- Defenders should be in constant communication to work as a group to win the ball back. The best opportunity is to have 2-3 pressure the players near the ball and 1-2 dropped off slightly to cut out the long switching balls.
- Remember, encourage successes!

- Have attacking team play all 1 or 2 touch.
- Designate each team to have a specific amount of touches, for example team A only has 1 touch, team B must take 2 touches while team C defends.
- Create a small box in the middle, and to gain a point attackers must either make a pass through the grid, or a player must make a run into the square, receive and lay off a pass from there 1 touch.
- To eliminate defenders from just blocking the square, attackers have the option to make 10 passes to also gain a point.

Total time estimated:
- 10-15 minutes for this soccer possession keep away drill.

Good luck!

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