Coaches—Tried & True Soccer Practice Plans and Drills

As a coach or player, use these ideas for soccer practice plans. They give you simple and concise skills and plans for soccer or football to follow.

Free soccer practice plans - girl soccer player

What is a Practice Plan?

A practice plan is a pre-determined, step-by-step outline of how your entire soccer practice will proceed from start to finish.

If you have attended soccer coaching courses, you are probably quite familiar with the benefits of a pre-designed plan.

The structure of these are designed to be shown in a simple, easy to understand format. I encourage you to use these great soccer practice drills as your very own playing or coaching resource whenever you're in need.

A typical training session should ideally consist of the following:

Soccer warm up drills and stretching (Each drill 10 minutes, all times approximate). They include...

— Simple, introductory drill that allows players to learn the basic focus for the night (5-10 mins)

— Main drill that challenges your players, raising the competitive level (10-15 mins)

— Progression on the main drill and focus (10-15 mins)

Scrimmage while incorporating night focus into the game (final 10-15 mins)

This-step-by step approach makes a simple learning curve for your players, while giving you a well prepared plan for successful coaching. Each practice drill builds off the previous while adding more challenging aspects for the players, gradually developing the skill into a game situation.

How do I create a practice plan?

Choose the desired skill or team focus you would like to improve for that practice. Let's say most soccer teams train for 1 hour, usually only one focus is sufficient to achieve success within the hour.

For example, maybe you would like to work on your team's soccer passing skills and possession of the ball. A plan could look like this:

— Box Warm Up:
This allows all players to get lots of touches on the ball and short, quick, accurate passes during warm up.

— 4 v 1 Keep Away:
This gets the habits of simple passing and moving into a good supporting angle. Again, short, quick, accurate passes are key and players communicate calling for passes.

— 3 Team Passing:
This adds the elements we are focussing on but adding a more competitive element to the focus. The intensity rises again and more pressure for the passes to be accurate, along with earlier skills passing and moving plus communicating.

— Scrimmage:
Always allow time for your players to play the latter portion of training... allowing them to work on the focus. Add an element of a minimum of 5 passes to score. Stop and coach/remind your players of areas you worked on earlier when the opportunity arises, thereby connecting the earlier drills and focus to an actual game setting.

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