Soccer Quick Footwork Drill:
How fast and nimble are your soccer feet?

Having quick, light soccer footwork is important for beating those defenders! This is one way to speed up your feet as you train with your soccer team.

Quick feet soccer drill

- To improve your soccer footwork, have players in groups of 7.
- 2 sets of 3 standing roughly 5-7 yards apart with 1 player in the middle, 2 balls on each side.

- Player B is in the middle for 60 seconds, and should be on his/her toes the entire time.
- B receives a pass from one ball on one side, and passes the ball to the vacant player on the same side.
- B then spins quickly 180 degrees to face other 3, 1 ball is passed in towards B, who passes to the vacant player again, spins and so on.
- Alternate which ball is played in towards B upon each spin.

- Players on the outside should call for the ball to help player B.
- Passes should all be 100% accurate.
- Players on the outside should also all be on their toes prepared, not flat footed.
- Ball should never be passed back to same person who passed the ball, always to the vacant player.
- Player B should be quite exhausted if done correctly after the 60 seconds. Being on his/her toes, spinning quickly, and thinking quickly requires concentrated focussing.
- Remember, encourage successes!

- Upon a pass being made, as player B spins have the outside players play the ball in quicker, therefore reducing reaction time and quickening feet and mind decision making abilities.
- Pick balls up and do the same process for volleys; thigh to foot for pass back, chest to foot for pass back, and headers.

Total time estimated:
- 7-10 minutes for this soccer fast feet drill.

Good luck!

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