Soccer Set Plays

Up to 40% more goals!

Soccer Set Plays, free kick

Improve your soccer set plays with these simple, straight forward designed plays that are easy for your players to understand.

A set play is a planned set of runs that occur during either a corner kick, or a free kick.

These pre-planned runs allow for maximum opportunities and space coverage that can lead to high quality goal scoring chances.

The one thing you will notice in most of the below examples, the runs will almost always finish in the same areas to maximize opportunities in the danger areas for defending teams.

Why are set plays so important?

As stated in the title, several articles claim that up to 40% of goals for a team are scored from set pieces. Does your team get close to 40% of its goals from set plays?

If not, you can imagine the amount of opportunities your team may improve upon if they capitalize close to that rate as well! If your team scored 100 goals last season, with planned set pieces you could've gotten as many as 140 goals!

How many should I have my players familiar with?

I usually only coach my players to be 100% sure of 2 set plays for corners, and 2-3 for free kicks in a given game. The reason for this is simple, you likely only receive 1-3 free kicks near the 18 yard box so knowing 4+ is not necessary.

Corners you are likely to get more than free kicks, however with the placement of a corner able to be varied (near post, central, back post) the runs can remain the same but the attack occurs in alternative spots so that accounts for more pressure on the defence.

Corner Kick Group
Goal Line Corner Kick
Soccer Free Kick: Overlap Run
Soccer Free Kick Attacking Runs

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