Soccer Shooting Drills

Quality and execution in your soccer shooting drills. . .

. . . these 2 key elements should remain constant to achieve more goals. Keep that in mind as you explore these exercises.

Soccer Goalie Drills - goalkeeper leaping with large crowd

Soccer shooting drills are not only fun, but necessary to work on consistently. In a game, strikers may only get 4-5 chances at goal, so they need to be comfortable in order to capitalize on those.

All goals count the same!

Yes I know that is an obvious statement, but one that often is overlooked. Whether a ball gets blasted into the top corner or softly placed past a keeper, neither is more important than the other.

Frequently, even in the pros, a player will choose to go for a highlight reel goal with power rather than being more accurate with a higher percentage of success.

Quality and precision should win out over power... and that will lead to more success.

So remember, While practicing the soccer shooting drills listed below, please keep in mind those key elements... quality and precision/execution:

Shooting Drill Sniffer
Attacking 2v1 Shooting Runs
Attacking Soccer 3v2 Drill
Attacking Runs
Arch Shooting Drill
Pass and Shoot
Combo Pass to Goal
Target Player with Soccer Shots
Quick Transtion Attack
Arch Support Interchange
1v1 Battle
Target Player Turning

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