Soccer Combo Pass Goal

This focuses on repetition of quality soccer shots and gives your goalies lots of action. Working on the basics of using a target player to lay off a pass for a good shot on goal.

Soccer Shots

- To improve your players soccer shots, set up this with 2 goals 30-45 yards apart (dependant on age/strength of players).
- Have 1 line several yards from each right post (must be aware of incoming shots).
- Have 1 target player centrally in the drill for each line.
- All balls at each line.

- Player 1 target player checks away and shows for the ball. Player 1 with the ball then passes into him.
- Target player lays the ball off first touch centrally, then spins off (dotted line) towards goal for any rebound.
- Player shoots ball with 1st touch, then takes the role of target player.
- Line 2 proceeds immediately after to have drill flow nicely.

- All players should be on their toes as with every drill.
- All passes should be firm, accurate, and along the ground.
- All shots should be accurate and on target.
- Target player should always check away to create space.
- Target player pass should be backwards on an angle.
- Players should all be calling for the ball to communicate.
- Remember, encourage successes!

- Include a passive defender on each target player.
- Have 1st pass be a chip into the target player to increase difficulty.

Total time estimated:
- 10 minutes for these soccer shots.

Good luck!

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