Soccer Tag:
Fun and easy!

One of the #1 drills first year young players love is soccer tag. This is a typical, familiar game everyone knows with a soccer aspect that allows for basic understanding of key elements of the game.

Soccer Tag

- Soccer tag is quick to set up, lay out a grid roughly 20 x 30 yards.
- Have each player enter the grid with a ball.

- Players dribble inside grid and you designate one player to be "it" to begin and all players have a ball.
- Player must tag players to pass the "it" to them, just like normal tag but they must always dribble their ball and cannot leave their ball to avoid being tagged.

- Coach/demonstrate to players to dribble with the ball close to their feet to allow for quick turns, and quick changes of pace to avoid being tagged.
- Remember, encourage successes!

- Players work in teams of 2, one ball between 2 players, to build on communication/teamwork. Players with a ball at their feet CANNOT be tagged as it, only teammate without the ball at their feet can be tagged. This forces players to move into space, builds awareness, improves communication, and encourages them to make accurate passes.

Total time estimated:
- 5-7 minutes for soccer tag.

Good luck!

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