Soccer Team Fitness

Is your soccer team fitness good? Usually most teams forego working on this aspect of the game, but all teams roughly 13 and up should do this exercise regularly.

Soccer Team Fitness

- None! Easy as that to improve your soccer team fitness this way.

- Group your players in 2 groups, one in each corner of one half of the field.
- Players run around the outside of the half of field you're working on.
- 1st lap: Jog 3 sides, sprint the final 4th side.
- 2nd lap: Jog 2 sides, sprint final 2 sides.
- 3rd lap: Jog 1 side, sprint final 3 sides.
- 4th lap: Sprint all 4 sides.
- 5th lap: Jog all 4 sides.

- Players must stay outside of the grid.
- 2 groups should not catch each other if going similar paces.
- Remember, encourage players through these fitness drills!

- N/A

Total time estimated:
- 7-10 minutes to help condition your team.

Good luck!

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