Soccer Tennis or Volley Football

Learn foot skills the enjoyable way

Soccer tennis, one of my team's all time favourites! This soccer tennis is a fun soccer game you can do with 2 or 4 players preferably. It gets the players to work on their touch of the ball, balance, and communication all in one.

Soccer tennis

- For soccer tennis, the grid size can vary. Typically set up opposing 5 by 7 yard grids, but adjust based on your teams foot skills, and adjust if you do 1 v 1 or 2 v 2.
- Line the middle with small disc cones
- Set up teams in a King Court format, with each winning team moving up towards Kings Court.

- Ball must cross middle line above the waist.
- Players must make a minimum of one pass to partner before crossing to the other side.
- Each team is allowed to let the ball bounce a maximum of once prior to playing to the other team.
- Serves can vary, but typically must be behind end line and as a half-volley.
- Points can be awarded every time, or only for serving team.
- Example: Player A serves to team B, receiving team allows one bounce, juggles the ball and makes 1 pass, then plays ball back over middle line to A, lets it bounce, passes and plays back over, and proceeds until a point is scored.

- Players should always be on their toes ready for the incoming pass.
- Players should be well balanced when playing the ball.
- The juggling works on their touch and control with the ball.
- Remember, encourage successes!

- Reduce to 0 bounces allowed on each side.
- Limit to feet only are allowed.
- Adjust grid size smaller.

Total time estimated:
- 10-20 minutes for this soccer tennis game.

Good luck!

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