Dictionary of Soccer Terms

Here is a glossary of common soccer or football words. A knowledge of soccer language and terms will help avoid confusion of this popular sport.

Soccer terms - soccer player flying high

Blind Side Run
An attacking player makes an angled run behind a defender. This prevents the defender being able to see where the player is as the attacker looks for a through ball.

Using inside/outside of the foot to turn quickly. Doing this turn properly, allows the player to go in completely opposite direction with one quick touch. Cut (inside of foot) or chop (outside of foot) to pop the ball a few yards in opposite direction to quickly avoid a defender.

Direct Free Kick
This is a free kick that can be shot directly into the goal.

Indirect Free Kick
This is a free kick that must touch a 2nd player prior to going into the goal.

This is a defending term, used when referring to slowing down an attacker in a 1 versus 1 situation. To jockey, defender should be defending at an angle, 1-3 yards from attacker, knee's bent, and on their toes allowing for quick movement.

Overlapping Run
Player dribbling with the ball has a player make a run around/behind and forwards up the field.

Passive Defending
This is where a defender is in a drill, but does not try to tackle or win the ball. The purpose is to create added pressure, but still allowing the attackers increased opportunities for success.

Playing a small sided game, for example 4 v 4 or 5 v 5. Typically done to finish off a practice, this allows players some freedom to "just play" and/or you can set restrictions based on your focus during the drills.

Step Over
Just like a fake shot. The player pretends to strike the ball, but rather his/her leg goes around the outside of the ball, and then quickly planting their foot on the inside of the ball. As quick as possible the player then pushes the ball with outside of foot in opposite direction.

Toe Turn
Similar to step over, this can look like a fake shot. Then the player uses the ball of the foot to quickly pull the ball back across the body and attack in that new direction.

Wall Pass
Also known as a give and go, this quick passing play is between 2 players. Player with the ball passes to teammate, makes a run and receives a 1 touch pass back from that player.

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