Soccer Transition Attack:
3v2 and 4v3

Get your team attacking stronger in soccer with this progressive exercise. To make game like, it begins as a 3v2, but quickly turns into a 4v3 forcing your players to adjust to changing scenarios.

Soccer Transition Attack

- For this attacking in soccer game, arrange your team into attackers, and defenders.
- Have all of the balls at the goal, outside of the posts.
- Defenders line up on either side of the post, attackers line up in groups of 3 roughly 40 yards away.

- 2 defenders dribble the ball working out, attempting to dribble to the 40 yard mark.
- 3 attackers must defend as a group to win the ball.
- Upon winning the ball they can now attack towards goal.
- Upon the attackers winning possession, 1 extra defender can join the drill, while 1 extra attacker can join the drill making it 4 v 3 to the goal.
- The drill ends with either a shot on goal, defender clearance out of bounds, or the defenders dribbling past the 40 yard mark.

- Communication is key, attackers need to quickly defend together, utilizing their extra body as a supporting defender to the 2 pressuring the ball.
- Quick transition into space must occur to enable the attackers to have success.
- At least 1 attacker should be making runs to get in behind the defence, while staying onside.
- Remember, encourage successes!

- Add a line from each side of the 18 yard box as an outside channel. Create the rule that the attacking team cannot score unless at least 1 player is in an outside channel. This encourages spacing, and balanced attacking options.
- Add pushups for the attackers if the attacking team does not get a shot on goal, which they should get a shot with the extra player. The entire attacking group does the pushups together as a team.
- Add pushups for the defenders if they allow a goal giving both sides incentive for success.

Total time estimated:
- 10-15 minutes for this soccer transition attack drill.

Good luck!

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