Soccer Transition Training
Successful soccer transition knowledge

In soccer, transition constantly occurs, and successful teams must know how to quickly adapt to the changing circumstances. They must respond quickly and all be on the same page as the game develops.

Soccer transition training

- Set this soccer transition drill by a rectangle approximately 25 by 40 yards.
- Have 1 small 5 yard channel on each end of the rectangle.
- Have 1 player on each team in each of the 2 channels.

- Players inside the box play keep away, with the goal of passing the one of their teams' outside players.
- Players can possess the ball by passing to either outside player, teams do not have to go in one direction.
- Once a pass is made to a wide player, that wide player attacks into the grid while one player from his/her team MUST replace him/her in the wide channel position.
- To gain a point, 1 team must pass to one outside player, bring ball back in, continue to posses the ball and pass ball to opposite outside player.
- If a loss of possession occurs, team must start over in trying to gain a point in the above mentioned objective.

- Players should communicate constantly, especially as they switch with a wide player.
- Wide player CAN attack into the grid while an inside player sprints to fill the space out wide (player doesn't have to wait for inside player to be completely out of the grid).
- This drill should flow nicely once players understand. They do not have to force a ball side to side. If no option is one way, encourage them possessing the ball is more important then forcing a pass, so they can turn and go out wide again in repeat directions, they just will not receive a point doing that.
- Remember, stop the play to coaching opportunities as always, while continuing to encourage successes!

- Have wide players defend each other so they can tackle/intercept passes to ensure passes wide are of high quality and outside player must move to create space.
- Limit the amount of touches inside players are allowed forcing quicker and supportive movement.

Total time estimated:
- 10-15 minutes for this soccer transition training drill.

Good luck!

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