Soccer Warm up Drills

Your warm up drills should start EVERY practice!

Free soccer warm-ups

Warm up drills should be the first thing players do at every soccer practice. By doing proper, quality soccer warm ups, followed by stretching, this allows for the muscles and the body to prepare for a high energy workout.

Free soccer warm-up-stretch

Why should my team always warm up?

Main reason... injury prevention. An important way to reduce injuries is by having players warm up and stretch prior to any physical activity.

In the selection of soccer warm up drills below you will notice a common theme throughout. They all start low energy and gradually increase the workload. At the end of a warm up all players should have a light sweat and be fully stretched, ready to begin training.

Soccer Dribbling Box
Soccer Circle
Soccer Box
Soccer 2 line warmup
Soccer 3 line warmup
Soccerball touches
Soccer follow your pass
Soccer 3 teams
Soccer in and out
Soccer passing across warmup
Soccer numbers passing
Soccer line touches

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