Soccer Wind Sprints:
Tiring but effective!

Wind sprints are a common fitness tool used by many sports not just soccer teams. It is a great soccer conditioning tool mostly used at the end of a training session.

Soccer Wind Sprints

- Set up for wind sprints with 3-5 lines 5-7 yards apart in distance.
- Players line up either as a team or small groups at start line.

- On your call, players begin to sprint.
- Sprint to 1st line, turn and sprint to start line, turn and sprint to 2nd line, turn and sprint to start line, sprint to 3rd line, etc until all lines reached and back at starting point.
- Upon player completing all 6-10 sprints (depending on lines) the next player in line begins.
- Give a short break upon all players completion, roughly 2 minutes, then proceed for a set of 5 (vary quantity if necessary).

- All runs should be a sprint.
- Turns should short and quick.
- Quick short steps to accelerate quickly towards next line.
- Remember, encourage your team!

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Total time estimated:
- 5-10 for these wind sprints.

Good luck!

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